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February 2019 Archives

How do you tell employers about sexual harassment?

When you encounter sexual harassment at your Missouri job, you may sometimes feel you cannot do anything about the situation. However, it is important for you to take action, and this means you need to know what you should do when someone sexually harasses you on the job. 

Does my employer have to pay me at least minimum wage?

There are many people who complain about what they get paid. However, Missouri has a set minimum wage that states employers must at least pay you a certain amount. This offers some protection against low wages, but did you know that some employers do not have to abide by minimum wage laws?

How African American workers are covertly discriminated against

African American workers have faced racial hostility for a long time in our history. It is no secret the types of inhumane treatment this group has experienced in many ways. Unfortunately, the animosity towards a race continues to exist in the workplace, depending on those running and operating the company.

Common employer FMLA violations

The Family and Medical Leave Act protects employees’ jobs when they take extended time off for health reasons, either of their own or for family members. Enacted more than 25 years ago, businesses still often misstep when dealing with employee FMLA issues. At Thornberry Brown, LLC we have the expertise and experience assisting clients subjected to unlawful employment practices.

What should I know about sexual harassment?

Missouri workplaces must strive to create an inclusive environment for all employees. Ensuring sexual harassment is properly addressed is just one component of this, as a hostile work environment can cause stress to employees and also result in serious legal consequences. In this case, offers the following information on what both workers and managers should know about sexual harassment.

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