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April 2018 Archives

Former workers file lawsuit against controversial restaurant

Certain industries and individual companies may embrace sexuality as a marketing tool. They may rely on actions and policies that others may view as being in poor taste as ways to increase their notoriety through controversy. Some might say that those who work for such employers understand they environment that they are going into, and should not then be shocked when asked to do things that seemingly objectify them. However, no matter the industry one works is, he or she has the right to abstain from activities he or she may feel are inappropriate, and to report the requests and/or pressure to engage in such actions as harassment. 

Sexual harassment: current training and policies

With the #MeToo movement still fresh on America's mind, many Missouri residents have witnessed a shift in attitudes toward sexual harassment as a whole. Contrary to what the average employee might believe, sexual harassment is a topic that has not gotten the full attention it needs; while the country may be taking steps forward, countless workers face difficult situations. 

Employee criticism leads to lawsuit against Ford

Most in Kansas City might assume race discrimination to be subtle, with those accused of engaging in it looking for backhanded ways to impede the progress of others due to their race or nationality. Yet consistent criticisms of one's struggles may also be viewed as discriminatory in certain situations. Consider one for whom English is his or her second language. A degree of understanding should be afforded knowing that he or she is not a native speaker. He or she may also be expected to allow listeners the chance to politely ask for clarification on things he or she says. It is when politeness is forgotten that discrimination may begin. 

Addressing race discrimination in a work environment

While the nation has taken a progressive stance toward many issues over recent years, it still sees an overwhelming number of cases regarding race discrimination. All employees -- no matter the industry -- receive protection from harassment under state law. Nevertheless, countless Missouri employees file complaints. Below are some of the basics when it comes to filing a discrimination complaint, as well as a picture of what race discrimination looks like in America today.

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