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Does my employer have to pay me at least minimum wage?

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Wage And Hour |

There are many people who complain about what they get paid. However, Missouri has a set minimum wage that states employers must at least pay you a certain amount. This offers some protection against low wages, but did you know that some employers do not have to abide by minimum wage laws?

The Department of Labor states the minimum wage for 2019 is $8.60 an hour. Your employer must pay you at least this much if required by law. If your employer is legally bound to pay you minimum wage and does not, you can file a complaint. Your employer could end up having to pay you the difference between what you made and what you should have made, along with your attorney fees. Your employer may also have to pay you twice the amount you were not paid.

The law does not require every employer to pay minimum wage. If you are a tipped employee, your employer must pay you at least $4.30 an hour. If you do not receive enough tips to bring your wages to $8.60 an hour on average, then your employer must pay you the difference so you make at least minimum wage.

Another exception is in retail and service. If your working in these industries for an employer that has a gross annual income under $500,000, then your employer does not have to pay you minimum wage. These employers may pay you whatever they want.

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