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How African American workers are covertly discriminated against

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Uncategorized |

African American workers have faced racial hostility for a long time in our history. It is no secret the types of inhumane treatment this group has experienced in many ways. Unfortunately, the animosity towards a race continues to exist in the workplace, depending on those running and operating the company.

Well-qualified workers can be unfairly passed up for a job, a promotion, the better section of a restaurant when waiting tables, etc. The list goes on in how racism appears in the workplace. Racial discrimination is not always obvious. There are subtleties that African American workers need to be aware of when suspecting this type of workplace discrimination.

Here are some covert signs of racial discrimination at work:

  • Negative stereotyping – Are you the first-person people look at when something bad happens at work? Do you feel like you are being stereotyped when it comes to your job assignment, the questions you are asked, the conclusions people make? Watch out for stereotyping behavior that puts you in a bad light or a negative situation all together.
  • Dirty looks, hostile words – Are you the recipient of negativity from your co-workers and/or boss? Do you feel the criticism is excessive and there are underlying aggressive attitudes? You may try to do your part of being a team-player, but perhaps you are given dirty looks and hostility for no good reason. If you kindly confront the behavior, does it get worse? Watch out for these types of attitudes that have no good basis.
  • Glass ceiling – Despite all your efforts to prove your worth as an employee, you are constantly overlooked for job promotions, bonuses, awards, recognition, and opportunity overall. You work tirelessly to show your value, but you notice a trend in those you make it and those who do not. There appears to be a glass ceiling for African American workers in your workplace.

If you suspect any of the following examples of subtle racism at work, you are not alone. You have legal counsel available to sit down and itemize the racism in your workplace. Be sure to take good notes and save any written material that can be used to support your case. Racism should not be tolerated at any work environment. You can break the pattern for others who are suffering with the same predicament.