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October 2017 Archives

Stamping out sexual harassment

Recently, a considerable amount of media coverage has focused on sexual harassment as a result of allegations involving celebrities. However, it is important to keep in mind that sexual harassment happens in all sorts of industries, affecting those who have white-collar office jobs, perform manual labor, or are employed in any type of industry. For employers, it is essential to stamp out sexual harassment as soon as it is identified. Better yet, it should be prevented, since this harassment can create serious hardships for victims and the company as a whole. Unfortunately, our law firm knows that many of these incidents are swept under the rug.

What is the Family and Medical Leave Act?

While the application of laws related to racial discrimination protects the treatment of minorities in the workplace, their protection also extends to employees of a certain gender or demographic in Kansas City. Say that you are pregnant or are struggling with medical condition that requires you to take extended time off of work. What is to keep your employer from firing you for your absence? The Family and Medical Leave Act prevents this. 

There are two kinds of actionable sexual harassment

Missouri workers outside of the entertainment industry are not immune to the travesties of sexual harassment the employment setting. In recent weeks, the scourge of sexual harassment in the workplace has come front and center in the national news due to the movie industry’s apparent allowances. However, much confusion may still exist with regard to what is and is not sexual harassment in the workplace.

The importance of taking breaks in the office

Employees in Missouri need breaks throughout the workday in order to recharge their bodies and minds. Although companies have varying regulations regarding the frequency and length of breaks in the office, stepping away from work at some point throughout the day is helpful for employees, and ultimately beneficial for companies as well. According to Health, the typical workweek among Americans has lengthened beyond the traditional 40 hours, and working 60 hours or more is common for up to 20% of employees. This increase in time spent at work may lead to fatigue, stress and more serous health concerns.

Combatting discrimination at work

Although the business world should offer equal opportunities for all, discrimination frequently infiltrates the workplace. Women in particular often feel the effects of this unethical treatment in Missouri. While gender discrimination is still very prevalent today, consistently speaking up for yourself and developing professional relationships with confidence may help mitigate its effects. We at Thornberry Brown LLC, Attorneys at Law battle the unfair practices of workplace discrimination, and we stand ready to help you.

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