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October 2018 Archives

How to recognize and fight age discrimination

The American workforce includes all kinds of diverse individuals who lend their varied expertise to many fields. Older members of the workforce bring not only experience, but also hands-on knowledge from extensive time in a career field. While these are valued employees across industries, some employers continue to either ignore or actively work against the success of older employees despite state and federal legal protections.

Can enforcing a dress code be sexual harassment?

Most employers in Kansas City may attempt to establish a baseline standard when it comes to workplace expectations. Included in those expectations may be a dress code. While not everyone may be happy with a company's dress code, company representatives are entitled to enforce it. Could there be situations, however, where the enforcement of a company dress code constitutes sexual harassment

Am I working in a hostile environment?

When it comes to things like race discrimination, you often hear the term hostile work environment thrown around. There is some confusion about the exact definition of a hostile environment at work, as some believe that it simply means obnoxious behavior or mean bosses. explains the legal requirements that are looked at when a hostile work environment is alleged, which will help you take the right steps to rectify the issue.

How can my employer create an inclusive work environment?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a huge issue these days. Along with being unethical, it can also land employers in hot water from a legal perspective. That’s why it’s so important for workplaces to strive to be inclusive, which entails making all workers feel welcomed. Entrepreneur offers the following tips in this case, which can create a better environment overall at one's place of work.

Can you get paid for not working?

As an employee in Missouri, you rightly expect to receive a fair wage from your employer for the time you spend performing your job duties. However, there are circumstances in which your employer should compensate you for your time even when you are not working. According to FindLaw, when your time not working is nevertheless spent for the employer's benefit and/or under the employer's control, then you have a right to compensation for that time. 

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