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How can you tell if your work environment is hostile?

Each day when you go to work, you have the right to perform your job responsibilities in a safe and controlled work environment. Depending on the industry that you are a part of in Missouri, you may face unique risks that are related to your line of work. However, you should never be fearful of the actions of others or have to deal with repetitive harassment while at work. When you understand what a hostile work environment is, you can be aware of behaviors that you should report immediately to protect yourself and your career. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Racial Discrimination

As a Kansas City employer, being able to identify potential issues in your workplace is key to preventing serious consequences from occurring. This is especially true when it comes to racial discrimination. Because instances of discrimination are can sometimes be subtle, many employers remain unaware of a problem until it is too late. Fortunately, clears up the confusion by answering the following frequently asked questions.

How can I prevent retaliation after reporting sexual harassment?

One reason many employees stay silent about sexual harassment in the workplace is they fear retaliation from their employers. According to a study on Vox, employer retaliation is so prevalent in the workplace that 75 percent of workers have experienced it. Though there are laws to protect them against it, it is still a common practice in many Kansas City workplaces and across the country. It is unlawful for employers to take retaliatory actions, such as demoting, reducing pay, reassigning position, unfavorable performance evaluations and harassment against workers who report sexual harassment. 

What about coffee breaks?

No matter what sort of job you perform in Kansas City, it is difficult for anyone to do the same thing for eight hours straight while maintaining task-centered focus throughout. Even if your work shift is broken up by a lunch break, you still might find it hard to remain fully engaged the entire time. Plus, recent years have seen companies emphasize corporate wellness initiatives that encourage employees to live healthier lives (so in turn, they miss less work due to illness or injury). Part of these programs is often encouraging short breaks throughout the day to take a quick walk or to grab a drink or a snack. 

Recognizing race discrimination in the workplace

Regrettably, racial discrimination in the workplace continues to be a problem across Missouri and much of the United States. If you have ever bee a victim of this type of discrimination, you may have firsthand knowledge of how much it can affect your overall quality of life and your ability to earn an income. At Thornberry Brown, LLC, we understand the laws that protect employees with regard to racial discrimination, and we have helped many clients who experienced mistreatment on the job pursue appropriate legal recourse.

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