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June 2018 Archives

FIFA World Cup highlights sexual harassment in sports journalism

According to the Women's Media Center, founded by Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan in 2005, the number of women in sports journalism fell from 17.2 percent to 9.8 percent between 2012 and 2014. This male dominated field has been very challenging for women to gain entry, putting pressure on the women afforded the title to establish a strong female presence. Their commitment to great journalism in a field denied to so many women before them is unmatched.

Is pregnancy discrimination still a problem?

Having children is a dream shared by couples throughout Missouri. They may spend months and years trying to get pregnant and when they succeed, it is joyous news to share with friends and family. As the news makes its way around the office, a pregnant woman may also have to deal with some not-so-happy reactions. As the baby grows and the mom-to-be starts to show, she may find herself suddenly on the sidelines or worse, unemployed.

When sexual harassment is ignored or denied

For sexual harassment victims, there may be many challenges to work through. As if being subjected to sexual harassment is not tough enough, some victims face additional problems. For example, sexual harassment in the workplace may be completely ignored by managers and co-workers, resulting in a particular individual being subjected to sexual harassment relentlessly. In the event that a victim decides to stand up for themselves, their claims may be rejected and perpetrators and even witnesses may deny that any sexual harassment occurred. Our law office knows how upsetting this can be from a victim's standpoint, but it is crucial to remain committed to seeking justice.

Are you guaranteed work breaks in Missouri?

State laws dictate when employees get breaks and how long those breaks can be. Under these laws, employers need to provide a minimum amount of rest time, potentially including short paid breaks or paid lunch hours. In Missouri, however, that isn't necessarily the case for workers like you.

Retaliation in workplace sexual harassment cases is illegal

Fear of retaliation remains a big reason why many sexual harassment victims do not come forward with their complaints to supervisors, managers and human resources departments. They fear that they will be fired. They fear punishment such as being given less-than-desirable work shifts, being assigned fewer work hours, or even demotion. They fear being ostracized.

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