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February 2018 Archives

The reality of pregnancy discrimination

When Missouri women announce their pregnancies, they may think their colleagues will be excited by their news. Many women usually do not expect to be treated differently simply because they are pregnant. Pregnancy discrimination is not uncommon in the workplace, though, and it is important for women to understand this form of discrimination.

Explaining constructive discharge

For many of those who experience sexual harassment in the workplace in Kansas City, the office environment can become so bad that they feel as though they have no choice but to quit. Some may think that doing so would seemingly solve all of their problems; after all, they would no longer be subjected to the harassing behavior that was causing them such stress. Yet the question must be asked as to how could an employer allow a situation to become so bad that employees would be forced to contemplate quitting, and whether or not they may be held liable for such action (or inaction). 

Is there a "glass ceiling" over your head?

With all the hard work that you do for your company in Kansas City, one can understand how frustrating you must feel when you are passed over for promotion. That frustration becomes compounded even further as it happens again and again. Pretty soon, you may feel as though you have hit the proverbial "glass ceiling." Yet how can you tell if that glass ceiling has been placed above you because of your race

What if you acquiesce to unwanted advances?

Many of the stories involving sexual harassment and assault that are currently making the news both in Kansas City and throughout the rest of the U.S. involve actual encounters. Such stories often turn into cases of "he said, she said," with the victim claiming he or she was not a willing participant, while the accused claims that the encounter was consensual. Like most, you may think that cases of sexual harassment are limited to those where you report unwanted advances to a superior. Yet what if you acquiesce to them? 

Missouri law raises standards in discrimination cases

Victims of workplace discrimination in Missouri may no longer sue their tormentors, just the employer, according to a law that went into effect last summer. The law also limits punitive damages the victims may seek, and alters the state’s whistleblower laws including removing protections for state employees.

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