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July 2019 Archives

Reviewing some examples of wage violations

From minimum wage violations to denied overtime, we have addressed a number of different wage and hour violations on this blog. In this post, we will take a closer look at some of the different ways in which these violations occur. In some instances, employees may not even realize that their rights were violated, while others may be aware that they are being taken advantage of but afraid to speak out. In Kansas City and the rest of Missouri, it is imperative for those who have been subjected to these violations to take a firm stand for their employee rights.

Is reverse racism real?

Racial tensions seem to be high these days, even within the workplace. As a result, more and more accusations of "reverse racism" are being levied by white people, who often cite examples like TV channels marketed exclusively to minority groups or calls for a more diversified workplace. But how valid are these criticisms and is it possible for a white person to be discriminated against in a place of work? Business Insider aims to answer these questions. 

Why are victims of sexual harassment reluctant to report?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious issue that impacts both women and men. However, when an incident occurs many people are reluctant to report the matter to the proper authorities, and the reasons for this are often quite complex. Psychology Today explains why it's so difficult for victims fo sexual harassment in the workplace to make the matter known. 

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