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January 2018 Archives

Does your employer have to offer you paid vacation days?

Given the value of the professional services that you provide, when you enter the workforce in Kansas City, you likely expect prospective employers to offer you benefits in an attempt to recruit and/or retain you. One such benefit that has become a standard expectation is paid vacation days. The fact that many employers offer them may lead you to believe that the law requires that they do so. Not only that, you (like many others) may believe that you are entitled to cash out your unused vacation days at the end of the year, or at the very least, roll them over into the next year. Yet is this true? 

What is affirmative action?

You may often hear a term repeated again and again when dealing with cases of alleged racial discrimination in Kansas City: "affirmative action." This phrase is likely not new to you due to the fact that it is often referenced when dealing with other issues (such as admission policies for institutes of higher learning). Yet if you are like most, you may not have a strong understanding of what it actually means, and how it may apply in the business world. 

How can I tell if I'm being sexually harassed?

Given the current climate sweeping across the nation regarding sexual harassment, it makes sense that Missouri's employees are checking out how their own state defines the issue. If you are part of Missouri's workforce, you can rest assured that there are legal protections in place for such cases. Of course, these protections offer much more assistance when you are able to recognize instances of sexual harassment at the time when they occur.

The importance of safe working and social environments

Recent events, combined with today's general political climate, have opened the door for much discussion on the topic of sexual harrassment. An issue that plagues America today, inappropriate behavior and remarks are being investigated and -- to many victims' relief -- addressed legally. Despite this step forward in recognizing the abuse that dominates a plethora of work places and other social settings, a great number of men and women experience harassment each day. But what, exactly, does the term sexual harassment encompass, and how can Missouri residents become more knowledgeable about the issue?

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