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Stamping out sexual harassment

by | Oct 28, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

Recently, a considerable amount of media coverage has focused on sexual harassment as a result of allegations involving celebrities. However, it is important to keep in mind that sexual harassment happens in all sorts of industries, affecting those who have white-collar office jobs, perform manual labor, or are employed in any type of industry. For employers, it is essential to stamp out sexual harassment as soon as it is identified. Better yet, it should be prevented, since this harassment can create serious hardships for victims and the company as a whole. Unfortunately, our law firm knows that many of these incidents are swept under the rug.

If you are an employer, you should review training programs and other preventative measures to keep sexual harassment out of your company. Moreover, offenders should be held fully accountable and allegations of sexual harassment should be taken seriously. If you have experienced sexual harassment, you need to know your rights and should look into various options on the table. On this blog, we have covered some examples of sexual harassment and it is essential to remember the different ways that this violation manifests in the workplace. Sometimes, people might ignore sexual harassment because they feel as if they are too busy or stressed out, but this behavior should never be tolerated.

Those who sexually harass others in violation of employment law should be held fully responsible for their actions. If you make your way to our sexual harassment page, you can go over more on this employee rights violation.

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