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Combatting discrimination at work

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Race Discrimination |

Although the business world should offer equal opportunities for all, discrimination frequently infiltrates the workplace. Women in particular often feel the effects of this unethical treatment in Missouri. While gender discrimination is still very prevalent today, consistently speaking up for yourself and developing professional relationships with confidence may help mitigate its effects. We at Thornberry Brown LLC, Attorneys at Law battle the unfair practices of workplace discrimination, and we stand ready to help you.

According to Forbes, modern businesswomen still face discriminatory tendencies in the workplace on a regular basis. In some cases, you may find yourself fighting harder for recognition and promotions than your male counterparts. If you work on a collaborative project, for example, the men may receive accolades for the group’s accomplishments more readily than you or the other women on the team. Similarly, you may voice a suggestion, but a man who voices it after you may receive credit for it. If these situations occur, it is important to maintain a courteous demeanor, but you should also be assertive. Do not feel intimidated about claiming the ideas as your own.

In some cases, your superiors may fail to acknowledge or remember your previous accomplishments, particularly when you are seeking a promotion. Therefore, it may be wise to maintain proof of the positive contributions you have made to the company. This could include written praise from bosses, as well as a network of colleagues who can vouch for your qualifications. Having this network could be mutually beneficial: You and your colleagues can help each other advance in your careers, and you would also be broadening your circle of business contacts if you or the others move to a different company. Overall, as a woman in the workplace, it is important to stand up to stereotypical bias and demonstrate that your value is not contingent upon gender. More information about unethical treatment in the workplace is available on our webpage.