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The importance of taking breaks in the office

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Wage And Hour |

Employees in Missouri need breaks throughout the workday in order to recharge their bodies and minds. Although companies have varying regulations regarding the frequency and length of breaks in the office, stepping away from work at some point throughout the day is helpful for employees, and ultimately beneficial for companies as well. According to Health, the typical workweek among Americans has lengthened beyond the traditional 40 hours, and working 60 hours or more is common for up to 20% of employees. This increase in time spent at work may lead to fatigue, stress and more serous health concerns.

One way to combat the negative effects of sitting in an office for extended periods of time is to take short breaks at intervals throughout the day. One study found that morning breaks were particularly beneficial. Employees who reported stepping away from their desks earlier in the day suffered from fewer headaches and similar office-related maladies. A short time of physical and mental separation from work also allowed the majority of the employees to feel recharged and more motivated to tackle their responsibilities.

The Houston Chronicle observed that workers who do not take regular breaks generally have a higher stress level. Not only could this lead to diminished productivity, but it could also cause employees to lose interest in their jobs. While it may seem counterintuitive, working nonstop throughout the day may actually accomplish less than taking breaks periodically in order to clear the mind. Workers who feel overwhelmed and unmotivated generally do not perform as highly as those who have had the opportunity to decompress during break time. Oftentimes, the time spent away allows the mind to relax enough to see problems from a fresh angle upon returning to work. As a result, projects may be completed more efficiently and to a more satisfactory level.