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Lawsuit targets hotel over sexual harassment

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Sexual Harassment |

Sexual harassment on the job can severely interfere withcareer advancement and opportunties, and it can affect workers from the service industry to the executive office. One hotel company in Missouri is facing a lawsuit by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after it allegedly failed to prevent sexual harassment of female workers. The EEOC is suing the owners of the DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton in Jefferson City after a male room inspector allegedly repeatedly sexually harassed colleagues at the hotel.

The lawsuit states that the male worker engaged in multiple unwanted sexual advances and comments directed at women, especially housekeepers. The man allegedly threw one female co-worker on a bed after making unwelcome sexual comments, hit another woman employee on the arm and made repeated offensive sexual remarks to other female workers. It accuses the owners of failing to stop him from engaging in repetitive harassing behavior against his fellow workers. An EEOC director said that companies have an obligation to prevent sexual harassment on the job and stop employees from making unwanted sexual comments or engaging in inappropriate physical contact.

EEOC officials also noted that the frequency of workplace harassment in this case contributed to its decision to file a lawsuit. They noted that the harassment allegedly continued even after management had been informed of the ongoing behavior; reportedly, even one of the owners was aware of the harassment, but it continued to take place. They said that workers filed multiple complaints with management but nothing was done.

Sexual harassment can be all too common for many workers, and it can be particularly frustrating when they complain and seek help only to see no action. An employment law attorney may help workplace harassment victims protect their rights and pursue justice.