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You have a right to perform your job duties in an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. While many employers foster those healthy work environments, there can be exceptions. If you have been sexually harassed, it is important to seek advice from an experienced attorney.

At Thornberry Brown, LLC we are here to stand up for your rights. Our Kansas City, Missouri law firm represents individuals in sexual harassment cases. We also represent individuals in sex discrimination, age discrimination and other employment discrimination matters. For more than 15 years, the lawyers at our firm have been providing knowledgeable legal advice for those faced with challenges in the workplace.

How a Lawyer Can Help With a Sex Harassment Lawsuit

Sexual harassment is prohibited by state and federal laws. At Thornberry Brown, LLC we take workplace discrimination and harassment very seriously. We frequently work with individuals facing sexual harassment in the workplace, which may include:

  • Unwanted touching
  • Inappropriate comments of a sexual nature
  • Inappropriate physical conduct of a sexual nature
  • Demands for sexual contact and other sexual advances
  • Unfair treatment because of sex
  • Retaliation for refusing to engage in sexual activity
  • Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment

We understand that pursuing a sexual harassment complaint or lawsuit can be very difficult and potentially embarrassing. However, it is important to know exactly how to proceed if you wish to preserve your legal rights. Fighting sexual harassment is a challenging task. To be successful, it is important to correctly document and report incidents of harassment, intimidation and evidence of a hostile working environment.

Advising people how to proceed is part of what we do at our firm. We handle each case from beginning to end with extensive knowledge of state and federal laws, court procedures and current case law relevant to sexual harassment. If you have been sexually harassed and need help, choose Thornberry Brown, LLC for your legal representation.

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Please feel free to contact our firm at your convenience. Our Kansas City sexual harassment attorneys offer free initial consultations and can be reached online or by phone at 816-531-8383 or 877-394-5619.