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Sexual harassment case filed by male Chipotle worker is settled

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Sexual Harassment |

Despite increased attention paid to people who have been victimized by sexual harassment at work in Kansas City and across the nation, these behaviors still happen with a troubling frequency. There are many ways in which people can be confronted with inappropriate attention, lewd comments, unwanted sexual advances and more. In some cases, the victim seeks compensation in a legal filing, and the evidence leads to a settlement.

A worker at Chipotle who claimed to have been sexually harassed reached a settlement with the company. According to the male employee, 22, his female boss committed a variety of acts including talking about her sexual activities, having a detailed description of the sex lives of the restaurant staff, her saying she wanted to perform sexual acts on him and more. In addition, she reportedly touched him inappropriately.

He informed upper management, but the behavior continued. The woman is said to have retaliated against him by telling other employees not to talk to him and by locking him in a freezer. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, most sexual harassment claims involve men harassing women. Still, one study says that 37% of males reported being sexually harassed.

Chipotle will pay the man $95,000. In addition, the company is updating and improving its policies about how employees are trained to make sure the chances of this happening again are reduced. People have the right to go to work and not worry about a hostile work environment. This is true for men and women who could be victimized. When sexual harassment occurs, it is important for the victim to come forward. Having legal advice might be beneficial to filing a claim for compensation.