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When overtime pay is denied

by | Dec 23, 2017 | Wage And Hour |

Sometimes, honest and hard-working employees are subjected to unfair treatment at the hands of their employer. We have talked about discrimination and sexual harassment, but there are many other problems workers may come across. For example, someone may be denied overtime pay that they were entitled to or subjected to another type of wage and hour violation. In Kansas City, and all throughout Missouri, some employers feel as if they can get away with this behavior or that they are immune to repercussions for violating the rights of those they employ. However, this is not true.

If your employer has turned down your overtime pay even though your work schedule has exceeded the number of hours worked according to the law, you should look at your options immediately. This treatment cannot be tolerated and employees who have been denied overtime that they are entitled to according to state law deserve to have a voice and access to compensation for what they have been through. Sadly, some do not know that there are legal options to address this mistreatment and others fear that speaking out will cost them their job. Because of these factors, some employers are able to continue treating employees unfairly and refusing to pay them for working overtime.

An employee should not be told to accept that they will not reveive overtime that they deserve. By heading to our wage and hour violations page, more material related to denied overtime and other aspects of this practice area can be viewed.