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Employee sues state agency after termination

by | Sep 9, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

Most people employed in Missouri know that there are very clear laws defining what may be identified as sexual harassment and what is allowed or not allowed in the workplace. Employers in both the private and the public sector should work to create environments safe from such behavior. They should also make employees feel safe about reporting suspected sexual harassment. Unfortunately this may not always actually happen.

One man today is alleging that a state agency for which he worked fired him unfairly after he relayed to his management concerns about some behaviors he felt might be forms of sexual harassment. After making his reports, the man was terminated from his job without any reason given. There are no known reports about any performance issues with the man while he worked for the agency.

The employee was a relatively new member of the St. Louis Job Corps Center, having worked there for only three months before he was let go. During his tenure, he is said to have seen another employee hugging and touching in other ways multiple young female students that the center served. Sources indicate that some of the women expressed their appreciation to the employee for attempting to help them.

Employees in Missouri who feel they are the subject of potential harassment or that they have witnessed such behavior might find talking with an attorney a useful way of determining how to proceed and get help.

Source: KFOR.com, “Missouri man claims he was fired for reporting sexual harassment,” Nadia Judith Enchassi, August 27, 2017