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The prevalence of workplace discrimination

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Race Discrimination |

It is an unfortunate fact that certain types of workplace discrimination are common in Missouri and across the country, despite being prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other laws. While some companies are cognizant of this and are attempting to improve in this regard, far too many employees are the victims of such unlawful behavior.

In 2019, the employment review website Glassdoor conducted a survey that produced contrasting results. While more than 75% of the respondents stated that their companies had a diverse group of employees, approximately 60% indicated that they had either been the victims of various forms of discrimination, including gender, age, and race, or had witnessed it at their workplaces.

The Glassdoor survey further broke down the results. It revealed that 45% of the respondents had either experienced or seen age discrimination, 42% had witnessed or been the victims of discrimination based on gender or race, and one-third of the participants had seen or been victimized by LGBTQ+ discrimination. The Glassdoor researchers stated that companies need to become more proactive if they want to improve these results, but they also noted that since 2018 they have seen a significant increase in job positions that are related to inclusion and diversity.

Workplace discrimination can ruin the morale of employees and hinder their performance, whether they are the targets or just onlookers. Many employees are hesitant to report the behavior internally, as they are fearful of a termination or other form of employer retaliation. People who have found themselves in this type of a situation might find it advisable to discuss these issues with an experienced employment law attorney.

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