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What are the signs of ageism in the workplace?

by | Aug 18, 2019 | Race Discrimination |

Older workers often face discrimination based on the belief that they’re less capable of doing a good job. Age discrimination may be abundantly obvious in some cases, but it can also be subtle, while still bothersome to accomplished older workers. Being able to identify ageism in the workplace will enable you to seek the proper assistance if you’re discriminated against. In this case, AARP recommends looking out for the following signs. 

Older workers being pushed out of a job often has little to do with their capabilities. In some cases, workplaces might be interested in replacing older workers because hiring younger, entry-level staff will ultimately be less expensive. If so, you might be privy to seemingly innocent comments or jokes about when you’re going to finally retire. While these comments aren’t always meant to be taken seriously, it’s best to ensure your boss that you don’t have any plans on retiring soon. If the comments persist, consider filing a complaint with your human resources department. 

Next, pay attention to the quality of your performance reviews. Chances are you have a good idea of your standing with a company, especially when it comes to negative reviews. If these reviews coincide with a new boss taking over and don’t have any real merit, they may be used to establish a reason for your dismissal down the line. If you dispute a review, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for further clarification, especially when remarks seem to come out of left field. 

Also, pay close attention to your assigned work duties. If you’re suddenly on the receiving end of duties that no one else wants to perform, it could be an attempt at pushing you out of your position. Make sure you’re fully aware of the work duties based on your job description and ask questions if you’re suddenly receiving reassignments that fall well out of the norm.