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How can employers support transgender workers?

by | Jun 2, 2019 | Sexual Harassment |

Transgender employees in Missouri must be afforded the same rights and respect as all other workers. When employers fail to take the proper steps workers can easily feel excluded or worse, which subjects them to an unnecessarily hostile working environment. To ensure employers know the proper steps to take when it comes to transgender workers, PersonnelToday.com offers the following advice. 

Even a workplace with inclusive policies will suffer if the staff isn’t appropriately trained on proper procedures. Along with including comprehensive rules and regulations on workplace decorum, management must also make diversity training a top priority. This provides other workers with examples of what types of behavior are not permissible in an inclusive workplace. It should also spell out the consequences of bullying or discriminatory behavior, as well as outline the steps that victims of workplace bullying can take to rectify the issue. 

Employee records are another important area to consider. Should another worker stumble upon transgender employee’s work file, it could lead to problems if the employee has not chosen to disclose his or her status. Management can prevent this from happening by only retaining necessary records. Steps should also be taken to keep records confidential, which stops other workers from coming upon them inadvertently. 

Remember that each transgender individual has their own preferences. As a result, employers will need to tailor their efforts to their employee’s specific needs, which requires a sensitive approach. This can touch on everything from preferred pronouns to how to address restroom facilities. Creating a welcoming and inclusive workplace for all should be a goal for all employers.