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Realizing the value of taking a break at work

by | Dec 16, 2018 | Wage And Hour |

While employers in Missouri are required by law to provide their employees with opportunities to take a break at work, some employers do not enforce this requirement. Others, leave it up to the discretion of their employees whether or not breaks are taken. In some instances, workers opt to continue working instead of clocking out, so they can continue receiving payment. What many people may not realize is just how valuable taking a brief break from their responsibilities may be. 

According to inc.com, there are several beneficial things that employees can be doing with the time they are offered during breaks. For example, they may consider forming relationships with their coworkers and getting to know them through conversation. They may decide to go for a brief walk or climb some stairs to burn calories and release endorphins to motivate themselves upcoming meetings. Some people may choose to use this time to pursue a hobby or reconnect with a spouse or child in a timely meeting for lunch or a treat. 

Medicaldaily.com warns that people who do not take adequate breaks are more stressed and can become irritable or unfocused much faster than their well-rested colleagues. As such, their overtired brain may begin to create other problems including reduced ability to solve problems, delayed decision-making and difficulty staying focused on essential tasks. People who spend their break time wisely by doing things like reading, eating or walking in a space that is removed from their desk or office, are shown to be more productive, effective and efficient in completing their work-related responsibilities.