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Backup evidence can support a pay discrimination claim

Women workers in Missouri continue to deal with pay discrimination on the job, from entry-level positions to high-ranking executive posts. Some cases present clear examples of discriminatory pay, while other instances of discrimination may be more challenging to prove. For example, an employer may pay two workers who have substantially identical duties at different rates of pay, and these rates of pay vary consistently by sex. This may present the classic example of a federal Title VII claim for pay discrimination based on sex. However, it is not the only instance in which such a claim is valid.

DOL says Fashion Nova owes factory workers millions in back pay

People in Missouri following fashion influencers on Instagram have likely heard about Fashion Nova. The clothing brand styles its clothing as affordable and sexy for real women, but an investigation of the company by the U.S. Department of Labor has found widespread wage and hour law violations. The factory workers making the clothing in Los Angeles reportedly receive very low pay, such as $270 for a 60-hour work week. Some people only earn wages that total $2.77 to $3.46 an hour.

Disney fights class action certification in wage and hour case

The plaintiffs in employment class actions in Missouri and around the country are sometimes awarded damages that run into the tens of millions of dollars. This type of legal action occurs when several workers with identical claims against their employer elect to join together and file a single lawsuit. Class actions allow plaintiffs to share their legal expenses, and they also put more pressure on employers to settle. However, a judge must review the case and certify the class action before litigation can begin.

Wage theft prohibited by FLSA

Missouri employees are entitled to compensation for all the work that they have performed. Employers, though, have incentives to deny their employees pay, especially when the employees have little in terms of recourse. One of the primary ways that an employer might violate workers' rights to fair, complete compensation is through wage theft. Examples of wage theft include not paying overtime, requiring employees to work off the clock, making illegal deductions, not paying employees, and paying employees less than minimum wage.

What is shift differential pay?

Throughout your life, you have likely been inundated with the idea that the typical workday begins by punching the clock at 9:00 am and calling it quits around 5:00 pm. Indeed, this is what most might consider to be a standard workday. Yet your job in Kansas City may require you to work odd hours, such as during the evening or even a graveyard shift. While it may be possible to adapt your daily schedule to accommodate such a work shift, it is also recognized that working such hours can take a physical and emotional toll on you. 

How can I deal with a toxic boss?

A toxic, bullying boss can make work a living nightmare. It can also be difficult to deal with this issue since your boss holds authority over you and your position. There are steps you can take to mitigate the situation, however. Forbes offers the following tips on how you can deal with a toxic or abusive boss on a daily basis. 

What problems affect tipped workers?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) designates rules and regulations surrounding tips workers. It's imperative that employers abide by these regulations, or they face serious reprisal from governing entities. It's also important that tipped workers understand their rights as it pertains to their wages. This allows them to take the proper steps when any of the common problems listed below occur. 

Dealing with wage and hour issues as an immigrant

Workers employed in various fields and from many different backgrounds may be subjected to different employee rights violations in the workplace, such as discrimination and sexual harassment. However, wage and hour violations are especially problematic, and some workers are particularly vulnerable in this regard. For example, those who have immigrated to the U.S. in order to develop their career may have an especially high chance of being taken advantage of, in some instances. If you have experienced any wage and hour violations as an immigrant, it is pivotal to take a firm stance and stick up for yourself.

Reviewing some examples of wage violations

From minimum wage violations to denied overtime, we have addressed a number of different wage and hour violations on this blog. In this post, we will take a closer look at some of the different ways in which these violations occur. In some instances, employees may not even realize that their rights were violated, while others may be aware that they are being taken advantage of but afraid to speak out. In Kansas City and the rest of Missouri, it is imperative for those who have been subjected to these violations to take a firm stand for their employee rights.

Dealing with minimum wage violations

For many minimum wage workers, daily life can be challenging from a financial point of view. From struggling with bills to dealing with car problems, there are many different financial concerns that people may have, which can be especially difficult to manage for those who earn minimum wage. Unfortunately, some workers face additional complications when their employee rights are violated. For example, an employer may fail to pay a worker minimum wage, and they should be held answerable for this behavior.

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