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Establishing a work environment free of gender discrimination

by | Dec 30, 2018 | Race Discrimination |

When people are working together in a confined environment and each of them has different beliefs and opinions, it can be difficult at times for them to get along. While many employers in Missouri go to extensive lengths to help their workers feel comfortable around each other by implementing protocols for desirable and fair behavior, there are times when discrimination can still surface. 

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, situations where a person is treated differently, given less opportunity or is harassed because of their sex, is gender discrimination. The discrimination can take place between same sexes and victims could be both male and female. The perpetrators could be a group of people or a single person. Employers who understand precisely what constitutes gender discrimination can better avoid it when they educate and train their workers on what is and is not okay, as well as the importance of being respectful to the differences of others. 

The Society for Human Resource Management suggests that one of the most effective practices toward combating gender discrimination in the workplace is when companies inform their workers about common biases and then work relentlessly to create a culture that prevents such biases from taking root. If companies notice discrepancies between genders, such as pay scale differences, they should work quickly to correct those issues before they create a divide between dissatisfied workers. 

Senior management should be well aware of the dangers of allowing gender discrimination or ignoring concerns from people who have witnessed or been a victim of a biased comment or action. If a concern is brought to their attention, it should be addressed promptly and efforts to prevent similar occurrences from happening should be made immediately.