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Signs of discrimination

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Race Discrimination |

Although employers in Missouri are bound by anti-discrimination laws, some companies disregard their responsibility to treat all employees equitably. Here at Thornberry Brown LLC Attorneys at Law, we stand against any company that discriminates against its employees based on any protected class, such as race, age and religion. In order to protect yourself from this unfair and illegal treatment, you should know the signs of discrimination at work.

According to CareerTrend, there are several subtle indications of discrimination in the workplace. You may notice that your company has a disproportionate percentage of one demographic in upper-level positions. This could mean that your superiors are only allowing certain types of people to advance in the company. Another red flag may be the types of jokes that occur in the office. If you hear jokes based on racial slurs or gender, you could be experiencing discrimination.

While promotions could indicate preferential treatment, the termination of employees could also raise a red flag. If certain employees are fired for no justifiable reason, your employers could be engaging in criminally discriminatory practices. Similarly, employers may not fire you or prohibit you from advancement when they discover your religious views or family circumstances. They also may not treat one gender differently from the other when it comes to promotions, office placement, or workplace responsibilities. Your employers must offer equal opportunities to all, and not exclude employees based on their age or gender. More information about inequitable treatment in the workplace is available on our webpage.