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State and federal law provides certain protections for whistleblowers who step forward to report illegal activity and fraud on the part of their employer. If you know of illegal activities being conducted at your place of employment, one of the smartest decisions you can make is to seek guidance from a lawyer. At our firm, we are ready to help. Thornberry Brown, LLC represents individual whistleblowers in employment law matters throughout the Kansas City, Missouri area. Our Missouri Whistleblower rights attorneys provide counsel in regard to the following:

  • Reports of Medicare and Medicaid fraud
  • Reports OSHA and other safety violations
  • Complaints about criminal activities
  • Reporting illegal dumping of toxic waste or hazardous materials
  • Reports of food safety or food handling violations
  • Sunshine Act violations

Federal Fraud and Qui Tam Whistleblower Cases

In federal cases involving defrauding the government, whistleblowers who cooperate with federal prosecutors are eligible to receive a portion of what the federal government recovers in its case against an employer. An important part of cooperating with the authorities is understanding and protecting your rights. Our attorneys can ensure your legal interests are protected and will take steps to prevent you from being abused by federal investigators who may not provide enough support or protection.

In a qui tam whistleblower case, an employee steps forward with knowledge that his or her employer is defrauding the federal government. In most qui tam cases, accounting fraud is hidden by keeping two or more books, or up-coding and bundling, which is when health care fraud is involved. If a whistleblower’s testimony is instrumental in convicting an employer of fraud, he or she is entitled to be compensated with a percentage of any recovered funds.

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If you are aware of fraud, safety violations or illegal activity involving your employer and you report the situation, you have rights under the Whistleblower Act. Find out how our law firm can protect and assert your rights and contact our firm today at 816-531-8383 or toll free at 877-394-5619 to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers.