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Exposing Workplace Discrimination and Protecting the Rights of Employees

A workplace environment should be free of any type of discrimination or harassment, especially if you have a disability. You are entitled to protection under both state and federal laws if you are disabled and entitled to reasonable accommodations. If these requirements are not met, it is a smart idea to seek assistance form a lawyer.

At our firm, we are ready to provide the guidance you need. Thornberry Brown, LLC represents employees throughout Missouri and Kansas in employment law matters. Our attorneys are experienced litigators, skilled negotiators and we are committed to providing aggressive advocacy for clients.

What Is Considered a Disability?

You must be a Qualified Individual with a Disability to have protections under state or federal disability laws. A Qualified Individual with a Disability is one who is substantially limited in a major life activity and is able to perform the essential functions of the job. If an individual believes that an accommodation is needed in order to perform their job, he or she must ask for an accommodation from their employer.

If you believe you need an accommodation in order to do your job, your employer has a duty to assist you. If your employer discriminates against you because of your disability or retaliates against you for requesting reasonable accommodations, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Filing a Lawsuit With an Experienced Lawyer

Disability lawsuits can be very challenging, so it is of the utmost importance that you seek assistance from a lawyer who is experienced in handling these claims. Our Kansas City disability discrimination attorneys have handled both discrimination and retaliation cases involving individuals with disabilities and know how to handle these claims.

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