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In the state of Missouri, contractors and subcontractors are required to pay a prevailing wage for carpenters, roofers, electricians, and general construction workers involved in public works projects. A prevailing wage is similar to a minimum wage but is different in that it is typically higher, depending on a worker’s job function. However, in some cases a contractor who is responsible for fulfilling a public project will hire subcontractors to perform some of the work involved. Here, even though a subcontractor may hire a worker, he or she is still entitled to the prevailing wage for the job they are performing. Unfortunately, not all subcontractors pay the prevailing wage they are supposed to and not all contractors bother to take steps to ensure the people working on their project are receiving the prevailing wage for the job performed.

At Thornberry Brown, LLC, our wage and hour attorneys represent workers who have been denied their prevailing wage on public works projects. If you’re an attorney who has been approached by a worker or are representing a group of workers who have been denied their prevailing wage, contact Thornberry Brown, LLC today to learn how we can help you.

Remedy and Compensation in Prevailing Wage Cases

When violations of the prevailing wage come to light, they’re investigated by the Missouri Department of Labor. However, when a violation is discovered, the law does not require an employer to pay workers the full value of their unpaid wages. As a result, it’s necessary to go to court to recover back wages and full compensation. Even if workers are undocumented, they’re still entitled to the prevailing wage.

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We represent clients throughout the state of Missouri in prevailing wage claim cases. Our attorneys have represented a number of workers in prevailing wage claim cases and have a thorough understanding of how the law works and the processes involved in preparing and presenting these kinds of cases.

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