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Truckers are heavily regulated by both state and federal laws. Some regulations address the specific number of hours a trucker can drive, license requirements, vehicle maintenance and safety. While these regulations are in place to prevent accidents, they are not always followed. Truckers are continuously pressured to exceed the amount of time allowable to drive or skip routine maintenance precautions. This leads to heightened accidents on the road.

At Thornberry Brown, LLC we are here to protect your rights. Our law firm is located in Kansas City, Missouri, and we represent individuals and families throughout all the surrounding areas. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, we will assist you in recovering the monetary compensation you deserve and help you get the medical treatment necessary to begin your recovery.

How We Can Help

An attorney’s services are necessary for claims involving truck accidents. Evidence must be examined in a timely manner, and a lawyer must determine what (if any) laws, codes or regulations were violated by the driver and his or her employer. In order to make certain that your rights are fully protected, you should seek assistance from a lawyer as soon as possible. When we determine the cause of a truck accident, we analyze things such as:

  • Trucker black box data information
  • GPS system information
  • Driver log book
  • Maintenance errors
  • Violation of safety regulations

Comparing the log book with fuel receipts often indicates how long a truck driver was on the road, especially when compared against data from a truck’s black box recorder. When data from the GPS system is available, we can determine if a driver made sudden jerks of the wheel, was speeding or drifted off the road. All of these are indications of driver fatigue or falling asleep at the wheel. We also measure skid marks and the spread of debris, which are both specific indicators of how fast a truck was traveling.

Standing Up for Your Best Interests — No Matter How Challenging Your Claim Is

Our Kansas City truck accident lawyers have significant experience handling truck accident claims and work with medical treaters, economists, life-care planners and other medical professionals to assist our clients in these situations. If the injuries incurred are very serious and require particular medical care, we can work with physical therapists, surgeons, vocational rehabilitation therapists and other medical professionals.

We recover financial compensation for people suffering from semi truck, tractor-trailer and 18-wheeler accident injuries, including head, neck and back injuries, burn injuries, scarring, disfigurement, amputations, broken bones, spinal cord injuries and wrongful death.

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