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Race Discrimination Archives

What is affirmative action?

You may often hear a term repeated again and again when dealing with cases of alleged racial discrimination in Kansas City: "affirmative action." This phrase is likely not new to you due to the fact that it is often referenced when dealing with other issues (such as admission policies for institutes of higher learning). Yet if you are like most, you may not have a strong understanding of what it actually means, and how it may apply in the business world. 

Learning to combat bullying in the workplace

For many Missouri people, the process of going to work each day and earning a living is practically second nature. They arrive at their job and complete their assigned responsibilities to earn a wage and pay for every day necessities. Because work plays such a critical role in the lives of so many people, they may find it difficult to recognize if they are being mistreated in the workplace. Even worse, if people are experiencing workplace bullying, they may be victims of prolonged mistreatment if they do not understand how to combat this surprisingly common problem. 

Signs of discrimination

Although employers in Missouri are bound by anti-discrimination laws, some companies disregard their responsibility to treat all employees equitably. Here at Thornberry Brown LLC Attorneys at Law, we stand against any company that discriminates against its employees based on any protected class, such as race, age and religion. In order to protect yourself from this unfair and illegal treatment, you should know the signs of discrimination at work.

What is the Family and Medical Leave Act?

While the application of laws related to racial discrimination protects the treatment of minorities in the workplace, their protection also extends to employees of a certain gender or demographic in Kansas City. Say that you are pregnant or are struggling with medical condition that requires you to take extended time off of work. What is to keep your employer from firing you for your absence? The Family and Medical Leave Act prevents this. 

Combatting discrimination at work

Although the business world should offer equal opportunities for all, discrimination frequently infiltrates the workplace. Women in particular often feel the effects of this unethical treatment in Missouri. While gender discrimination is still very prevalent today, consistently speaking up for yourself and developing professional relationships with confidence may help mitigate its effects. We at Thornberry Brown LLC, Attorneys at Law battle the unfair practices of workplace discrimination, and we stand ready to help you.

Workplace discrimination victims have higher burden of proof

Workplace discrimination is an issue that affects many people in Kansas City and around the country. Whether it is age, gender, religion, race, or origin-based, it is an all too real reality that many workers find themselves exposed to every day. When employers use these factors to influence their hiring decisions and employment operations, their actions can create hostile and toxic work environments. 

What is subtle racial discrimination?

Racial discrimination may seem as if it would be easy to identify. The reality is that Missouri employers who discriminate rarely do so in obvious ways. Fortunately for you, the law is prepared for subtle discrimination practices. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, racial discrimination is when you are treated differently because of your racial identification. It goes beyond that, though. Discrimination can also include being treated different due to characteristics associated with your race.

Missouri's racial tension issue

America has long been known as the "land of the free." Why, then, in recent years, does it often seem the opposite of this sentiment? Racial tension is hardly a new topic in the country, but in Missouri, various incidents have sparked controversy that has eventually led to involvement with civil rights organizations and state laws. 

What are some examples of racial discrimination?

Each day, workers nationwide experience discrimination on the basis of their race. In Kansas City, and across Missouri, it is imperative for victims of discrimination and all employees who recognize unlawful discrimination in the workplace to speak out. Unfortunately, some choose to keep quiet because they are worried about retaliation, which is also unlawful. When employers and other people in the workplace break the law by treating someone unfairly due to their racial background, they must answer for their behavior.

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