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Airline agrees to settlement in sexual harassment action

A major airline has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. United Airlines will pay $321,000 under the terms of the agreement to dispose of a claim by a flight attendant who alleged a pilot posted sexual photos of her to the internet without consent. Employers operating in Missouri are required to provide employees with a safe working environment, and sexual comments or behaviors might give rise to actionable legal claims.

Most workplace sexual violence attributed to nonauthority figures

Both men and women in Missouri might experience sexual harassment in the workplace. One study found that sexual harassment affected 1 in 18 women and 1 in 40 men. Authority figures, like supervisors, managers and owners, were not the only people responsible for harassing employees. Co-workers, customers and clients frequently represent the sources of unwanted sexual verbal harassment, sexual contact or assault. Researchers who surveyed victims asked them whether authority or nonauthority figures had harassed them. Among women, harassers were twice as likely to be nonauthority figures than people with direct power over them at work.

Uber settles sexual harassment claim for $4.4 million

Many people in Missouri use Uber ridesharing for their transportation needs. In 2017, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued Uber for sex discrimination and retaliation. After the EEOC conducted an investigation into the allegations, Uber agreed to a settlement with a $4.4 million fine. Money from the settlement will be dispersed among Uber drivers who have experienced sexual harassment or retaliation from Jan. 1, 2014 to June 30, 2019.

Sexual harassment case filed by male Chipotle worker is settled

Despite increased attention paid to people who have been victimized by sexual harassment at work in Kansas City and across the nation, these behaviors still happen with a troubling frequency. There are many ways in which people can be confronted with inappropriate attention, lewd comments, unwanted sexual advances and more. In some cases, the victim seeks compensation in a legal filing, and the evidence leads to a settlement.

Harassment victims may have to work with toxic colleagues

Missouri employees and others who have been harassed while on the job may face the prospect of sharing a workplace with their abusers. Generally speaking, an employer can fulfill its obligation to a harassment victim without terminating the perpetrator. In many cases, harassment cases are resolved through arbitration, which means that a victim can't pursue a matter in court. A study found that 48% of arbitration cases were fully or partially overturned on appeal.

Lawsuit against McDonald's cites 'culture of sexual harassment'

McDonald's restaurants are a common sight across Missouri, but the corporation and its franchisees have come under increasing scrutiny for allegations of widespread sexual harassment. Attorneys representing female workers at an out-of-state franchise are seeking class-action status for a case that might include over 50 former female employees at the franchise. The lawsuit wants the franchise owner to pay $5 million in damages.

Workplace harassment a common problem for surgical residents

In Missouri and across the nation, workplace harassment can occur in any type of employment including medicine, For aspiring and in-training medical professionals, their career path can be made more difficult by the troublesome prevalence of workplace mistreatment. Recent research has shown how often this occurs.

What to consider when filing a sexual harassment claim

Workers in Missouri may have recourse if they experience sexual harassment at work. Sexual harassment could include inappropriate comments made by a manager or inappropriate touching by anyone associated with the organization. While there is no time limit to report a claim to an employer, it is generally a good idea to do so as quickly as possible. This may prevent others within the company from questioning a victim's motives.

What can I do when witnessing sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is an unfortunately all too common occurrence in the workplace. As a result, co-workers often witness harassment as it happens, which leaves them in an awkward position. Of course, doing the right thing is crucial, but you might also have concerns about retaliation if you call attention to another person's inappropriate behavior. This is especially true when the person doing the harassing is a supervisor or some other authority figure. Marketwatch explains some of the steps you can take if you witness sexual harassment at your place of work. 

Am I allowed to date a co-worker?

When you spend ample time at your place of work, it stands to reason that you might forge close, personal relationships with your co-workers. Some of these relationships may even develop into romances, which can be a cause for concern when it comes to sexual harassment and other issues. To ensure you remain on the right path, The Balance recommends the following advice for anyone entering into workplace romances. 

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