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When do I get overtime pay?

As a Missouri worker, your overtime pay is important to you, and you likely want to earn as much of it as possible. But you may be unclear as to when overtime kicks in and how much it amounts to. As FindLaw explains, under Title 18 of the Missouri Revised Statutes, your employer must pay you overtime any time you work more than 40 hours in a given week, not necessarily any time you work more than eight hours in a given day.

Are you guaranteed work breaks in Missouri?

State laws dictate when employees get breaks and how long those breaks can be. Under these laws, employers need to provide a minimum amount of rest time, potentially including short paid breaks or paid lunch hours. In Missouri, however, that isn't necessarily the case for workers like you.

What about coffee breaks?

No matter what sort of job you perform in Kansas City, it is difficult for anyone to do the same thing for eight hours straight while maintaining task-centered focus throughout. Even if your work shift is broken up by a lunch break, you still might find it hard to remain fully engaged the entire time. Plus, recent years have seen companies emphasize corporate wellness initiatives that encourage employees to live healthier lives (so in turn, they miss less work due to illness or injury). Part of these programs is often encouraging short breaks throughout the day to take a quick walk or to grab a drink or a snack. 

Is your employer violating the Equal Pay Act?

During a conversation with a co-worker of the opposite sex, you discover that he or she is paid significantly more than you to perform the same job function in Kansas City. Further discussions reveal that nearly all of the employees who share his or her gender are in the same situation. Is your lower pay scale simply due to your sex? Are there not laws prohibiting this, and if so, could your company be in violation of them? 

Laws regarding tipped employees

Employees in Missouri who receive tips as part of their compensation may think they are entitled to the same hourly wage that other employees are. However, the laws regarding tipped employees are different, and it is a good idea for workers to understand how and what they are getting paid so there is no confusion when they look at their paycheck.

Reviewing Missouri's wage garnishment exemption

Like many in Kansas City, you may have periods in your life where you encounter financial struggles. Whether those be due to an unanticipated injury or illness, the loss of a job or an abundance of debt, such issues can make meeting your needs extremely difficult. For many of those that we here at Thornberry Brown, LLC have worked with, that became even more difficult when debtors were allowed to garnish their wages. Less income often contributes to even greater financial struggles, so it is important that you understand when your employer can allow your wages to be garnished, as well as what garnishment limitations you may be entitled to. 

Does your employer have to offer you paid vacation days?

Given the value of the professional services that you provide, when you enter the workforce in Kansas City, you likely expect prospective employers to offer you benefits in an attempt to recruit and/or retain you. One such benefit that has become a standard expectation is paid vacation days. The fact that many employers offer them may lead you to believe that the law requires that they do so. Not only that, you (like many others) may believe that you are entitled to cash out your unused vacation days at the end of the year, or at the very least, roll them over into the next year. Yet is this true? 

When overtime pay is denied

Sometimes, honest and hard-working employees are subjected to unfair treatment at the hands of their employer. We have talked about discrimination and sexual harassment, but there are many other problems workers may come across. For example, someone may be denied overtime pay that they were entitled to or subjected to another type of wage and hour violation. In Kansas City, and all throughout Missouri, some employers feel as if they can get away with this behavior or that they are immune to repercussions for violating the rights of those they employ. However, this is not true.

Reviewing final wage payment requirements

Many in Kansas City likely cannot fathom losing their jobs. If they do, however, they may take some solace in the fact that their employers cannot simply cut off relations with them without providing them with their due compensation. At the very least, a person that loses his or her job is entitled to collect any wages still owed to him or her by his or her former company. 

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