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Sexual Harassment Archives

How can my employer create an inclusive work environment?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a huge issue these days. Along with being unethical, it can also land employers in hot water from a legal perspective. That’s why it’s so important for workplaces to strive to be inclusive, which entails making all workers feel welcomed. Entrepreneur offers the following tips in this case, which can create a better environment overall at one's place of work.

How should sexual harassment be handled in the workplace?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is very serious concern. A hostile working environment diminishes employee morale, causes stress, and can ultimately lead to serious legal reprisal. Because this issue is so serious it’s incumbent upon managers and other higher-ups to deal with claims of sexual harassment in the appropriate manner. explains how supervisors can prevent sexual harassment from taking its toll on their employees.

Can men be sexually harassed at work?

It’s true that a vast majority of sexual harassment in the workplace involves women. However, numerous men have also fallen victim to these offenses and they can have devastating effects on both professionally and at home. offers the following example of how male sexual harassment occurs and what can be done about it. 

How to identify sexual harassment at work

While sexual harassment may seem cut and dry, this is not always the case. In fact, some workers are subject to harassment and are not fully aware of it, although these actions may make them feel uncomfortable. Being able to identify ill-treatment is crucial for putting a stop to it, which is why Business Insider offers the following information.  

Understanding workplace sexual harassment

Unfortunately, workplace sexual harassment remains a continuing problem in Missouri, just as it does in all other states. While it comes in a wide range of forms and behaviors, workplace sexual harassment always involves unwanted work-related sexual conduct and/or advances perpetrated by one person against another.

Can sexual harassment occur via social media?

In this increasingly digitized world employers must take extra steps to prevent sexual harassment from occurring. This includes tamping down on harassment that takes place over social media, which is becoming more and more common among workers. offers the following advice in this case, which can help both employers as well as employees cut back on instances of harassment in the workplace.

When sexual harassment is ignored or denied

For sexual harassment victims, there may be many challenges to work through. As if being subjected to sexual harassment is not tough enough, some victims face additional problems. For example, sexual harassment in the workplace may be completely ignored by managers and co-workers, resulting in a particular individual being subjected to sexual harassment relentlessly. In the event that a victim decides to stand up for themselves, their claims may be rejected and perpetrators and even witnesses may deny that any sexual harassment occurred. Our law office knows how upsetting this can be from a victim's standpoint, but it is crucial to remain committed to seeking justice.

How can you tell if your work environment is hostile?

Each day when you go to work, you have the right to perform your job responsibilities in a safe and controlled work environment. Depending on the industry that you are a part of in Missouri, you may face unique risks that are related to your line of work. However, you should never be fearful of the actions of others or have to deal with repetitive harassment while at work. When you understand what a hostile work environment is, you can be aware of behaviors that you should report immediately to protect yourself and your career. 

How can I prevent retaliation after reporting sexual harassment?

One reason many employees stay silent about sexual harassment in the workplace is they fear retaliation from their employers. According to a study on Vox, employer retaliation is so prevalent in the workplace that 75 percent of workers have experienced it. Though there are laws to protect them against it, it is still a common practice in many Kansas City workplaces and across the country. It is unlawful for employers to take retaliatory actions, such as demoting, reducing pay, reassigning position, unfavorable performance evaluations and harassment against workers who report sexual harassment. 

Former workers file lawsuit against controversial restaurant

Certain industries and individual companies may embrace sexuality as a marketing tool. They may rely on actions and policies that others may view as being in poor taste as ways to increase their notoriety through controversy. Some might say that those who work for such employers understand they environment that they are going into, and should not then be shocked when asked to do things that seemingly objectify them. However, no matter the industry one works is, he or she has the right to abstain from activities he or she may feel are inappropriate, and to report the requests and/or pressure to engage in such actions as harassment. 

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