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DOL says Fashion Nova owes factory workers millions in back pay

| Dec 18, 2019 | Wage And Hour |

People in Missouri following fashion influencers on Instagram have likely heard about Fashion Nova. The clothing brand styles its clothing as affordable and sexy for real women, but an investigation of the company by the U.S. Department of Labor has found widespread wage and hour law violations. The factory workers making the clothing in Los Angeles reportedly receive very low pay, such as $270 for a 60-hour work week. Some people only earn wages that total $2.77 to $3.46 an hour.

According to DOL investigators, hundreds of factory workers have been shorted on their pay. Federal regulators estimated that Fashion Nova owed $3.8 million in back pay. General counsel for the company said that Fashion Nova was committed to paying workers properly and denied completely that the company had underpaid workers.

Some of the factory workers lacked documentation to be in the country legally, which made them vulnerable to inappropriate pay. Investigators interviewed former employees who described huge workloads and pay below minimum wage. One worker said that the factory where she worked had cockroaches and rats.

As a result of the investigation, Fashion Nova has shifted supply chain operations overseas. A company might find lower-wage workers out of the country, but an employer operating within the United States must comply with the wage and hour regulations set forth by the Fair Labor Standards Act. A person who has been underpaid by an employer might pursue rightful compensation by speaking with an attorney. An attorney might confirm what a person should have been paid after evaluating the situation. An investigation that finds a person was misclassified as exempt or an independent contractor or who was denied minimum wage or overtime pay might produce evidence for filing a complaint and initiating a lawsuit.